Austr Hofn Dark Age Guild

Focusing on the historical time period of 700-1065AD, Austr Hofn Dark Age Guild is a group of people interested in Dark Age History and the re-enactment of that particular time frame.  Based in Coffs Harbour, our members come from the city and surrounding areas to take part in our various activities. 

Although we have weapons training and combat for interested members, we have many other activities that would appeal to most people who are looking for something different to participate in.

     eg. The production of clothing and other equipment, historical research, archery, craft, leather work, chain maille construction, re-enactment, public events, cooking, entertainment, fund-raising  and more.

For further information, find us on Facebook under Austr Hofn Dark Age Guild and leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.