Australian Great War Association

The Australian Great War Association is a living history group dedicated to preservation, education, re-enactment & research into the First World War.

Our members assist community groups, veteran organizations, schools, museums and the Australian Defence Force on days of remembrance, at historical events, parades, talks & displays showcasing our military heritage. Through such events we hope to give the general public a better understanding of the important role Australia played in what became known as the Great War.

We are not a battle re-enactment society. It is not our intention to glorify war, but to remember the deeds of ordinary men and women in an extraordinary time. The Great War saw our loss of innocence as a nation but also the birth of our national identity & the ANZAC tradition. Although it was fought on the other side of the world, this conflict had an impact on almost every household in Australia. The names on the memorials in each country town & city suburb stand to remind us of the extent of this sacrifice. Those who enlisted believed they were fighting the war to end all wars, for peace & a better future.

AGWA is a non-profit making organisation. Each member purchases his or her own uniform & equipment and is instructed in their use from the original training manuals. Many of our members are current serving or ex-service personnel, or have relatives who fought in the Great War.

While our focus is on the AIF the units & corps we can represent are many and varied.