Blackwolf was a 12 th -13th century Crusader group traversing caravan routes, using their swords to castigate the Heathen. Often in Crusader times, supplies from overseas failed to arrive when needed or if at all, was too little, too late. They traded in goods, often purloined from the heathen peoples, using the guise of a Bedouin caravan. Blackwolf were a mixture of nationalities, French, Anglish, Scottish, Finnish, Armenian, Christian Arab, and fighting men and women from the plains of the Danube, the Magyars and Kipchak; any who would join Blackwolf in God’s work.
This mix of nationalities demonstrated differing garb and customs, and, as this is still the case with the Blackwolf group of today, they use this to reflect a variety of cultures and traditions for the public interest. Some of the Blackwolf are combatants, and they are always finding ways to enhance their camp each year with new crafts, trades, and skills such as medieval medicine, Bedouin coffee ceremony, cheese-making, bonework, candle-making, Bedouin cooking, and linen-making.
The Blackwolf encampment portrays a mixture of Warrior and Merchant bric-a- brac. They have chosen to portray the Middle Eastern and Eastern cultures in their encampment because it was a little known and revealed aspect of medieval life hitherto not explored. They chose the 12 th -13th centuries because this was a fascinating time of great upheaval, progress and change in weaponry, food,
medicine, and textiles. As there is great interest in the medieval life, Blackwolf wanted to explore and present this to the public.