Blackwolf are a 12th/13th century group of Crusaders, mercenaries, and merchants traversing caravan routes by land and sea along the Silk and Spice Roads. Blackwolf travels under the guise of a Bedouin caravan, in the spirit of Raynald of Châtillon, to make up the shortfall of weapons, supplies, and horses needed to continue the Crusader presence in Outremer, and share the riches of the East on their travels through Europe.

Blackwolf is a comprised of members from France, Angland, Scotland, Finland, Poland, Germany, and fighting men and women from the plains of the Danube, the Mamluk, Seljuk, and Kipchak; any who would join Blackwolf in God’s work.

They enhance their camp each year with new crafts, trades, and skills such as medieval medicine, Bedouin coffee ceremony, cheese-making, Bedouin cooking, ale-brewing, and linen-making.