Companie Draco Routiers

The Companie Draco Routiers is a re-enactment group based on a mercenary company that draws its origins from the exile Saxon nobles of Kingdom of Wessex. As such it uses the fallen kingdoms heraldry of the golden Wyvern on a red field.

The goal of this group is to recreate the martial aspect of the 14th Century training in weapon and the combat of the period, while also covering other aspects of living history.

With the coming of the Norman king William the Conqueror in 1066 the Saxon kingdoms fell. 


Over the next 300 years what was left of the old Saxon nobility was slowly replaced by their Norman overlords. Many displaced Saxon nobles went into exile joining mercenary companies such as the Varangian guard or the White company.


The origin of the name comes from the Latin Draco (dragon) and Routiers which was the common term for mercenary during the 14th Century.

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