Cottereaux – Company of the Dagger

Cottereaux (1189 – 1202) Company of the Dagger is a 45 member strong reenactment group portraying life on the road for a group of travelling knights, their men-at-arms and their squires. The Company is based in Ipswich.

The Company is expanding its array of siege gear and medieval engineering. Cottereaux currently own and operate 2 medium size counter weight trebuchet, a traction trebuchet, a large counter wieght trebuchet – as seen at Abbey Medieval Festival 2017, a battering ram, sapping penthouse, onager and siege ladder truck.

Currently under construction is a medieval crane which will help erect the largest treb in the southern hemisphere. Plans are under way to construct a siege tower with a medieval drive technology. Of course, these machines don’t operate by themselves. We have siege engineers. We also have knights, men at arms and a siege master by the name of Druss Silverthorn.

Be part of the journey. Be part of Cottereaux, Company of the Dagger.