Membership information

2017/2018 Membership Renewals

Everything you need to know to successfully renew your membership from 20 June 2016

Please take the time to read this information. It will make the renewals period easy for you and your fellow group members. Make sure you read through the linked manuals as they are important.

Important dates:
What date do renewals begin?
May 15, 2017 (Renewals have now commenced)

What date is the payment cut-off?

  • The insurance policy for the 2016/17 year expires on June 30 at midnight. If you have not paid before that time you will not be covered by our insurance policy.
  • If you have not paid by Monday, July 31, 2017, your status in Babel will change to ‘expired’ and you will have to pay your membership as a new member the next time you pay your membership fees.
  • If you have become a new member recently, you will not have to renew your fees at this time.

If I am attending Abbey this year, what do I need to know?

  • Your Babel record MUST have a QLHF status of “Financial Member.” Simply having an entry does not mean you are a QLHF member and are covered by insurance.
  • If you are attending Abbey you need to pay straight away–no later than Thursday 6 July to ensure you are financial.
  • If you pay by direct deposit, please email a screenshot of the transaction to as your payment will have to be updated manually
  • We recommend paying by PayPal so your payment is processed automatically and immediately.

The QLHF management committee supports the Abbey Medieval Festival’s decisions with regard to the attendance of non-financial members.

Fees and how to pay:

Do you have any dependants?
Please ensure that you check your Babel record and that all dependants are listed. Also make sure that they have their group confirmed.

How do I pay my membership?
Head to the Babel Login Area and read through the manual and if you have any problems, please check with your group administrator.

What are the fees?
Please note: You need to raise an invoice, check the invoice, then pay.

New Adult (over 18 years of age): $60
New Adult (no insurance): $40
Renewing Adult: $45
Renewing Adult (no insurance): $30
New Youth (Over 12 years of age and under 18): $45
New Youth (no insurance): $25
Renewing Youth: $25
Renewing Youth (no insurance): $15
Children (under the age of 12): Free

What is the group fee? Does each member need to pay this?
No, the group fee is a single fee per group and it is due once a year. The group administrator can raise this invoice and pay the group fee.

Group Fee with Directors Insurance $90

Group Fee (affiliated) no insurance $80

Who should be paying my membership?
The payment of your membership is up to you, the individual. All you need to do is log on, raise your invoice and pay for your membership. It is not up to your group to pay for you, but it is certainly the responsibility of the group committee to ensure the members have paid their membership.

How can I pay?
Credit card, electronic funds transfer, paypal, cheque, money order.
Please note:

  • We do not accept cash as it is not a traceable form of payment.
  • Only Paypal or credit card payments show up immediately as “Financial.” Any other methods need to be manually updated. Payment by cheque or money order will involve a processing period.
  • Paypal is very easy to use and you do not have to sign up to use it. We recommend this method as the fastest way to pay.
  • If you are paying by electronic funds transfer, your invoice number is the reference number and it is best to take a screen shot and send it through to so we can find your payment quicker.

Group Administrator

Who is my group administrator?
Each group should have allocated at least one person to be the group administrator in Babel. Check with your committee to find out who this is.

What is the role of the group administrator?
They are responsible for assisting other group members with Babel and keeping group details updated. Group details should be updated annually or when required. They must also ensure committee members are labelled in the system as such so we can keep track of this for Directors and Officer’s insurance purposes.

Our group doesn’t have a Group Administrator.
That’s ok, a group can appoint someone at any time. Then get them to read through our administrator manual.

We have a new member.
That’s great news! Please show them the website and explain how to sign up to Babel. We also suggest they read the manual here.

We have a new administrator.
Great! Just make sure they advise QLHF so the system can be updated.

Groups should not assume that a person is registered and financially current.
It is best to double check that each person is in fact financial within Babel as it is not QLHF’s responsibility to ensure members are covered by insurance for their activities. You can log in to Babel to check all of this information.


I don’t have/know how to use a computer…
That’s ok, someone in your group should be able to, if not, a family member can give you a hand. Don’t forget local libraries have computers for use too.

I haven’t been receiving emails from QLHF. Why is that?
Are your details up-to-date in Babel? If any of your contact details change, make sure you log in and edit them so we can contact you if we need to.

I don’t have an email address…
That’s ok, you can sign up for one with Gmail or Hotmail. A functioning email must be used to sign up so we can contact you and keep you updated with QLHF events and important information such as weapons licensing law changes and so on.  Don’t forget to write down your email and password and keep it safe.

I am having a major issue with the system. Is it easier to just create a new login?
NEVER make a new login. If you are having issues, please check with your group administrator first and see if they can help.

I have a problem renewing my membership. What do I do?
The first step is to discuss the problem with your group administrator. If they are unable to help, they will contact Babel support to work on the problem.

Thank you for your continued membership.