Knights of the Empire Germanica Inc. 1380 to 1410

The Knights of the Empire Germanica Inc (KEG) strive to portray the Knights
and Germanic people of the 'Order of the House of St. Mary in Jerusalem',
commonly referred to as the Teutonic Order. Members actively research and
portray a key time period within the history of the Teutonic Order,
specifically within the late years of the Teutonic Order from 1380, when the
Empire's lands included Germany, Austria, Poland, Prussia, Lithuania, Italy
& north to the Gulf of Finland, until their crushing defeat at Tannenberg in

Group Members engage in living history displays, depictions and battle
re-enactments of the Teutonic Order utilising arms, armour, textiles and
furnishings, all carefully crafted as historically accurate as possible
within the constraints of modern society. The Baltic and Eastern European
Ritterorden encourages within it's membership, and the wider community, the
concept of chivalry and the values of honour and loyalty whilst endeavouring
to raise each person's self-esteem, confidence and acceptance in a
welcoming, inclusive and likeminded community. Above all, being a member of
KEG is about enjoying yourself!
We have Clubs in the Eastern Suburbs of Brisbane, Qld and in Armidale, NSW.


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