Order of the Horse

Order of the Horse is a multi period group based in Australia. Our impressions include 2nd-to 6th  Saracen & Western Crusades, mixed with mercenaries of mixed origins,  Mongolian, late 14th Century, very early 15th Century and early 19th Century Napoleonic mounted combat.

Order of the Horse was founded in the year of the Horse.

The Order is made up of elite members of knights, soldiers, nobles and mercenaries of mixed origins portraying the late 14th Century, early 15th Century, Middle East, Western ,Orient, the 2nd – 6th Crusades of the late 12th Century, early 13th Century as well as the early 19th Century Napoleonic wars.

The riders and their horses are specially trained in mounted and foot combat. The Order is comprised of all nationalities of both eras including the Saracens, Moors,Mongolians and  Europeans.

The Order of the Horse was founded by a veteran knight and head Napoleonic cavalry rider whose dream was to bring living history to the future. Each member of the Order of the Horse has something to give with an array of talented horses, riders, falconists, combat fighters,archers and ladies. Order of the Horse are veterans and specialise in Napoleonic cavalry from the early 19th Century  as well as Medieval cavalry.

The Order of the Horse can take you back in time and brings to you the history of the Horse and the history of mounted combat.

The group is based in Australia but has members all around the world and in Australia and Queensland.The Order of the Horse is based in Queensland North of Brisbane.

Order of the Horse meet and train every Sunday at 1.30pm to 5pm at L’Cavaliers-Viciente riding crack school in Upper Caboolture.

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