Sengoku No Bushido

Sengoku No Bushido ( 戦国の武士道 : The Warring Country’s Way of the Warrior) is a historical re-enactment group that re-enacts Japan between the years 1540-1600, specifically focusing on the Oda and Tokugawa with their allies and vassals.This period saw the arrival of westerners and gunpowder, the rise of five of the most famous generals in Japanese history, and one of the most significant battles in the country that forged the final shogunate dynasty. It was a time of war and arts, with individuals such as Sen no Rikyu revolutionising Cha-no-yu (the tea ceremony) and Oda Nobunaga revolutionising Japanese warfare. In fact, it was after this age that various books were written to remind samurai how they should act like samurai, and it was the Sengoku era from which the authors drew their inspiration. Without a doubt, this period is truly one of Japan’s most influential and historically significant eras and we hope to show this in our Living History. We train and meet at Oxley every Sunday from 2-4pm.




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