The Poor Fellow Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon

The Templars are a historical re-enactment group based in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. We portray the military order of the Poor Fellow Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, more commonly known as The Templars.

While we portray a military order, 
we are not ourselves a religious group and we are not affiliated with any religious or Masonic organisation, we only recreate the historical aspects of the lives of those associated with the Templar order. Within that scope, we are interested in learning about:
• combat, arms and armour,
• music, arts and crafts,
• food and cooking,
• games and other recreational pursuits,
• sewing, weaving and embroidery
…essentially, everything about the daily life of the people of the time.

Historically, Templars had the task of escorting pilgrims to Jerusalem and the other Holy Places in the Jordan Valley, and held castles that protected the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Templars wore a distinctive garb of a white woolen cloak bearing a red cross, and carried shields of simple black and white – the same colours as their traditional standard, known as the Beauceant.

Our group portrays the knights, sergeants and clergy of the Templar Order, together with the pilgrim nobles and wealthy merchants who sought the Templars’ protection while travelling in the Holy Land. 
Our performances depict an encampment outside the walls of the Templar stronghold of Chateau Pelerin – just south of Haifa on the Mediterranean coast. The year is 1229; a truce has been signed by Frederick II that once again allows Christian pilgrims passage to the Holy Places in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, which is now held by the Saracens. Preparations are underway for the first escorted pilgrimage to Jerusalem since its fall to Saladin in the year 1189.

The activities that you will see us portraying reflect the tasks, duties and devotions of the Templar Knights, who are bound by ‘The Rule of the Temple’, and of those that travel with them.

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