Weapons in Re-enactment

Safety and compliance are vital aspects of our hobby, especially when it involves the use of weapons.

As well as making use of the following documents, please be sure to read all QLHF by-laws and guidelines that are relevant to your impressions. These can be found in the By-laws section of the Members area of the website.

Group leaders and marshals, please make sure that all your members have the appropriate licence for his or her impression and that they know how to use them safely and in full compliance with the law.

If you have a question about any aspect of weapons licensing, please email the QLHF Administrator at:


Alternatively, you can speak to the Weapons Licensing Branch directly between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday at (07) 3015-7777.

Useful documents

Proforma letter to WLB advising of an event

QLHF Incident Report Form

Collector’s Exemption

Useful Links

Weapon Categories

Weapons Licensing Forms

New Licence Application Forms

Form 4A – Change of Circumstance/Secure Storage

Form 4B Change of Weapon Category