Za Rodinu

Za Rodinu is a non-political historical group based in Brisbane that re-enacts the WWII Soviet Red Army – specifically the elite Razvedchik (scout) units which often had snipers and other specialists attached.

We are dedicated to recreating the experiences, struggles, and daily life of a typical Red Army Guards unit.

We chose the name “Za Rodinu!” as it symbolizes the strength and spirit that saw the Soviets – men & women – fight to the last bullet to save their motherland, USSR or as it is known today, Russia.

Our primary impressions will be focussing on the elite Scout/Sniper units – and for this reason we need members who are prepared to keep fit, get down and dirty and dedicated to being hardcore re-enactors!

Za Rodinu! is necessarily VERY strict on authenticity – because we believe that the Soviet soldiers deserve no less than our very best efforts and respect in portraying them.

In our membership, we seek serious re-enactors and living historians with a genuine interest in the period and culture.