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The Queensland Living History Federation (QLHF) is here to advocate on behalf of our members and provide the framework they need to re-enact safely, authentically, and enjoyably.

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What is living history and re-enactment?

Living history is a hobby combining elements of historical and archaeological research, arts and crafts, martial skill (for some) and, of course, fun.

It is an attempt to glimpse the past and to find out what it meant to be, say, a merchant, a convict, a farmer or a soldier in another time, culture and location.

It is an attempt to re-create and re-enact aspects of life in another era – a very tangible and visual interpretation of aspects of social, cultural and military heritage.

It is a three-dimensional history lesson that is entertaining as well as educational: combining the art form of dramatic performance or role play and the discipline of historic research.

Living history is widely used throughout the world as an integral form of historic interpretation. Its promotion as a recognised method of preserving elements of our cultural heritage is a significant objective for the QLHF and its members.

The past: a personal journey –

No matter where your interest springs from, welcome to an engrossing passion of recreating the past.

Some people can pinpoint the exact moment they became interested in a facet of history: a movie, an object, a visit to a museum, an event or a person that stimulated their interest.

For some, an interest in history has always been part of their makeup. For others, an interest in fashion, art, martial arts or machinery can start them asking, “How did we arrive at this point now?”

It can be as simple as trying on a suit of armour and then spending years mastering the skills to make it, and fight in it, or ride a horse in it.

It can be as enjoyable as learning to dine in the ancient Roman style, but why stop there? How was that food prepared and how can I recreate it? What comprised a meal or a banquet? For some, the path of questioning and discovery will extend to learning to reproduce the ceramics and glassware used in that meal.

It is your journey of discovery, and it is your choice where it leads you.

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Promoting an interest in all areas of history

Setting standards for public performance and participant safety

Public and Products Liability, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability and Personal Injury Cover

Sharing of ideas

Increased access to skills and means of production

Participate in QLHF workshops

History Alive, QLHF's annual showcase event

Promotion of member groups within the community and to potential hirers

Support when dealing with government and commercial enterprises

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The Federation is managed by a committee elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting to represent the living history and re-enactment community of Queensland. The Federation also employs members on a part time basis to oversee specific administration functions.  The current committee are:

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