Member groups of the Federation have all agreed to adhere to the following Code of Practice:

1. Each member society will have written regulations regarding the running of their organisation. These will cover administration, finance, health and safety and all legal requirements as well as historical aspects and their aims.

2. Member societies shall at all times respect the Federation’s Codes of Practice.

3. No action or inaction of a member shall bring their society or this Federation into disrepute.

4. All members will at all times adhere to such local, state or federal regulations or by-laws which might govern their activities.

5. Member societies will be non-sectarian and non-political.

6. Societies and their officers shall deal with the general public and clients in an ethical manner. Complaints shall be handled with courtesy and expedition.

7. Each society will undertake to portray its chosen period as authentically as is reasonably possible.

8. Whilst every effort will be made by the Federation to ensure that members will at all times behave in a safe, reliable and legal manner, the Federation cannot accept any responsibility for the actions, inactions or negligence of its members. Individual member societies must take responsibility for their activities.

9. (i) A copy of the Rules of the Federation and its Codes of Practice will be lodged with all relevant Government bodies and such libraries, local authorities, TV and film companies and other organisations as may be determined.
(ii) A list of accredited member societies of the Federation will be included with (i) above.