Queensland Living History Federation

Representing the interests of living history and re-enactment groups in Queensland.

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Queensland Living History Federation

The Queensland Living History Federation (QLHF) was formed to represent the interests of living history, re-enactment and associated historical interest groups in Queensland.

The QLHF is a not-for-profit incorporated association that operates as a federation of its member groups. Membership of the QLHF is offered to groups that exhibit high standards of safety, authenticity, research, and performance.

Our goal is to foster and improve the hobby through:

Running public events such as History Alive

Providing insurance for our members

Coordinating workshops and training events

Supporting our members in the running of their re-enactment groups

Providing safety standards for our members

Liaising and negotiating with local and State regulatory bodies (e.g., Weapons Licensing)

Supporting and working with museums and historical sites

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Joining the qlhf

Whether you are starting a group or interested in joining an established group this explains the basics of becoming part of the Federation.

our member groups

From making stone tools to driving tanks, to forging armour and from dueling to dancing. Our members’ activities and interests are extremely diverse.

the committee

Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting by the member groups to represent the living history community of Queensland.

members' events

QLHF Members enjoy excellent insurance so they can safely participate in the many amazing reenactment events throughout Australia and the world. 

Our Mission

Sharing our cultural heritage for the enjoyment and education of all.

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