Captal de Buch

The ‘Captal de Buch’ is a 14th-century re-enactment group based in Rockhampton. The group portrays the members of a mercenary ‘Free Company’ engaged by the English forces while entrenched within the borders of France during the middle period of the Hundred Years War from 1360 till 1389.

‘Captal de Buch’ is an actual archaic feudal title with its origins based in Gascony and whose holder of the time was physically engaged by and strongly loyal to the English forces in the battles of that era.

Group members are engaged in providing a variety of local living history displays, depictions and battle re-enactments and lifestyle of the 14th Century utilising the distinctive arms, armour, locality available textiles and furnishings of that period.




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March 5, 2020