Company of Knights Bachelor

It is 1195 in the Holy Lands. There is a delicate truce between the European crusaders and the Saracen foe.

The Companie of Knights Bachelor is one of Brisbane’s oldest re-enactment groups. Established in 1989, it re-enacts the splendor of the 12th century and the heroism of the Crusades.

Companie members travel across Queensland and interstate to attend events such as tournaments, shows and festivals to live out life as a member of the 12th century nobility, either fighting in melees and tourneys or showing off other medieval skills to the public.

The Companie also runs private Medieval Feasts and Living History weekends, to recreate the society and culture of the late 12th early 13th century with artisan craft displays and swordplay.

Website: https://knightsbachelor.wixsite.comknightsbachelor?fbclid=IwAR1GZRPhVaf85TP_AO9L1jjMPlnXG7uF60AdoJsXsAx_X4iDHIcEUgwNCl4


Posted on

March 30, 2020