Forn Vegr

FORN VEGR is Old Norse for “Ancient Ways”and we are a Viking Living History Group with members based in the Brisbane Regional areas. We relive the‘ancient ways’of the Vikings who lived, worked and traded in the major trading port of Hedeby between the years 900 to 1000…a period in time when Hedeby was a booming trade centre.

Our group is a small family-focused living history group portraying the domestic life of the Vikings in the 10thCentury…In the Viking Age, family life was given great value with all members participating in daily chores, playing games and working together forging strong bonds of loyalty.We are passionate about learning and sharing history and our mission is to educate people about the everyday lives of Vikings…Our goal is to portray the Viking Age as accurately and authentically as possible.

We offer small group and individual workshops and demonstrations focusing on food-based and textile production as well as traditional Viking games and crafts.

We have established friendships throughout the living history/re-enactment community and we participate in 8-10 Viking Age and cross period events throughout the year…These include The Abbey Medieval Festival, History Alive, Viking Culture Day at Mt Tamborine, Viking Village Solstice at Lismore, Spring Hunt at Lowood and the Armidale Easter Gathering.

If you are interested in exploring this part of Viking life, please contact us via our Facebook page or by email.




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May 29, 2019