Historia is a multi-period, multi-cultural and multi–focus collective of re-enactors, artisans and museum professionals working together to share knowledge with the public and each other. The core membership of Historia are re-enactors of many years standing and several are active in the field of historical education in museums, archaeology and historical writing.

Individual projects within Historia are: Husaria Australia, Rosalie’s Medieval Woman, Shamshir, and the Pop-Up Museum. These activities include recreating traditional skills, experimental archaeology, living history, workshops, lectures and museum displays of artefacts from private collections on a variety of topics from late Antiquity to the Industrial era.

Members’ interests are diverse, ranging from cosmetics and perfumes in the ancient world, women in late 14th Century England, the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 16th and 17th Centuries, Safavid Persia and Central Asia. Topics encompass costume and fashion, cuisine, music, experimental archaeology and martial arts in order to bring a greater understanding and appreciation of our collective cultural heritage.

website: rosaliegilbert.com/historia
Email: historiaqld@gmail.com


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February 10, 2020