Karvan Saray Australia

Just two days camel ride from the coast of the Mediterranean, you will find a caravanserai nestled in the hills on the Silk Road during peak trading time of 1495. Here, Karvan Saray recreates the interesting and varied life of a Caravanserai with its traders and skilled craftsmen and artists.

We welcome guests with traditional foods and the all-important bottomless coffee made with secret spices. Our members are found from all walks of life, with cooks, weavers, henna artists, embroiderers, spinners and guards creating a lively mix of ever-changing life.

A ‘caravanserai’ is a roadside inn where travellers and traders rested overnight and enjoyed a safe place to relax, celebrate and trade goods from along the Silk road. We provide a link between the East and the West. With a tumultuous history, our area has been ruled by Mamluks, Turks and Persians who conquered the area. Everything from spices to silk was
available for a fee.

As a caravanserai, we are an eclectic mix of people who arrived and stayed longer than intended, sometimes setting up profitable businesses with a wide variety of influences. From our Viking ancestors to local pockets of Coptic Christians, we represent a rich culture, rather than any religious heritages. We love to entertain, use local produce and welcome friends and
travellers with our famous hospitality.

Our background:
Karvan Saray evolved from the Kazuri Tribe, a dance troupe from the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Loving to entertain, our interest piqued with the depth of research we followed. Involved in a variety of ways with the Abbey Medieval Festival since before 2009, our group became more historically focused and joined QLHF in 2014.

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Email:  karvansarayaustralia@gmail.com


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March 30, 2020