La Belle Alliance

La Belle Alliance is a family oriented group that enjoys researching and portraying the common folk of Europe living in military service during the Napoleonic era.

Members take part in social gatherings; Re enactment events; costuming and crafting workshops; period firearm instruction and practice and other activities of interest to members.

Most of all we always have fun doing it.
We limit ourselves to 5 military impressions for the sake of providing a ‘unit’ look and accommodate different tastes/heritage.
Currently our enlisted impressions include:

  • The Brunswick Leib Batalion German (not Prussian!) infantry regiment.
  • The French Imperial Guard Young Guard Tirailleurs(3rd Regiment)
  • The British 40th Foot(2nd Somersetshire)
  • French 3 eme De Ligne(line regiment) Grenadier Company(the Veterans)
  • Civilians and Camp Followers

Each year our group attends a number of Historical Re-enactment events. At events that are held over a weekend, our group will camp onsite in period tents, cook on open fires, and put on a mock battle.

We also hold a number of training camps throughout the year where we practice drill, gun safety, and work on our equipment.

Why not contact us and ask about being involved. Our group is open to all ages.



Posted on

April 2, 2020