Pax Romana

Who we are

We are a Roman re-enactment group based in Queensland, Australia.

Our goal is to learn about the lives of people who lived 2,000 years ago in the ancient Roman Empire in the first century (CE).

What we do

We use experimental archaeology to recreate aspects of Roman people’s everyday lives, and in doing so we increase our understanding.

Our members bring to life impressions of everyday people from the ancient world.  Some of the characters that our members portray include:

  • Legionary (Roman soldier)
  • Gladiator (professional Roman athlete)
  • Doctore (professional Roman doctor)
  • Plebian (ordinary Roman person)
  • Celtic warrior  (Indigenous inhabitant of the Island of Britain and a sworn enemy of Rome)
  • Slave (a human being owned by someone else)
  • Patrician (a person from the noble class)
  • Senator (a politician)

But why?

There is only so much one can learn from reading books and watching documentaries!  In short, why read an ancient cookbook, when you could try actually making some of the recipes instead?!

We also want to educate people about the ancient world and for this reason, we attend some public events such as History Alive.

Where we meet

Our members meet regularly in both Brisbane and Roma.

To learn more about Pax Romana, you can find us on Facebook: or on our website:



Posted on

May 31, 2019