Rafnheim portrays the Germanic Iron Age. As the Roman Empire fell back from its northern borders, the knowledge and skills of the Romans was integrated into the creativity of the Germanic tribes and created a golden age of migration and social restructuring. Kingdoms rose and fell as warbands vied for control of the new lands, as well as for the valuable trade routes for exotic goods.

The period Rafnheim covers the migration era starting at 406CE, known as The Year Of The Wolves due to the cold winter which froze even the major rivers and allowed mass movement into the already failing Roman controlled regions and ends in 750CE before the societal pressures which caused the Viking Age. From the eastern realms held by the Huns, to the Briton city of Kent in the west, to Byzantine traders from the south and skalds from Gotland in the north, Rafnheim has artisans and craftsmen from the length and breadth of the region.

During events our group centres around 650AD on the border of France and Germany showcasing the lives and crafts of many different cultures drawn together to safely travel along the trade routes.

The group regularly participates in re-enacting and living history exhibitions such as The Abbey Tournament, History Alive, and Esk Multicultural, and has travelled interstate for events in NSW as well.

Email: rafnheim@gmail.com.au

Facebook: facebook.com/Rafnheim


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March 30, 2020