Make Your Own Medieval Experience

Make Your Own Medieval Experience is a Living History and research group
with a focus on civilian life, specifically the arts, crafts,
entertainments and trades present in European history between 900 and
1650AD. We are located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Outside of Living History or Re-enactment events, members can explore a
broad range of historical activities covering our entire timespan through
our guild system. The guilds are set up for the purpose of researching
historical skills, learning and developing skills, and building a knowledge
base which can be shared with the re-enactment community. If there isn’t
already a guild that suits your area of interest, then you may be able to
start one.  Many guilds are also open to affiliate members, which means if
you belong to another re-enactment group you may be able to join a guild of

At a Living History or Re-enactment event, we aim to present an impression
of a township. Visitors will find themselves in the hustle of town and
might see artisans at work or workshops producing goods. The different
guilds may be present in the form of a historical display or workshop where
they can demonstrate and teach the historic crafts they have learnt.

For living history or re-enactment displays, presenting a broad time period
while maintaining the level of authenticity expected is not possible.
Therefore, at each event we display a more limited time period which is
chosen and announced prior to the event.



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April 27, 2021

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