Prima Spada School of Fence

Welcome to Prima Spada School of Fence!

Prima Spada is a fencing school operating in Queensland and Tasmania, Australia and is an associate member of the Queensland Living History Federation

Prima Spada offers tuition in numerous fencing disciplines including: Historical Exhibition Combat, HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), Smallsword, Modern/Classical Fencing and Artistic Fencing.

Prima Spada creates an enjoyable and accessible approach to swordplay of all kinds where the emphasis lies firmly on the quality of execution rather than brute strength or speed.

Students are constantly challenged to excel at the techniques taught at their level and are encouraged to demonstrate their ability in combat. With its welcoming and energetic approach, Prima Spada is a school of fence that is suited to all individuals who hold a love of swordplay of any kind!


Prima Spada bases its Exhibition and HEMA instruction on the work of Spanish and European masters of the 16th and 17th centuries with particular focus on the work of Gerard Thibault. Both of these areas take a great deal of influence from the system of fencing known as “La Verdadera Destreza”, especially Prima Spada’s HEMA instruction.
The school’s Smallsword syllabus is based upon the works of the Italian master, Angelo from the 18th century.

As a member of the International Academy of Arms, Prima Spada is proud to also offer instruction in Artistic fencing, teaching the skill of choreography and performance in accordance with national and international syllabus requirements and regulations.

Finally, Prima Spada teaches modern sports fencing in all three weapons: foil, sabre and epee. These weapons are taught using lesson systems and instructional techniques endorsed by the International Academy of Arms through the Australian Academy of Fencing.

Prima Spada is a wonderful place to meet fantastic new people, make friends, get fit and try something new! We welcome anyone and everyone interested in learning.



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April 2, 2020