Order of Artisans and Kindred Spirits (O.A.K.S)

O.A.K.S. is a collection of people who are passionate about sharing the artisan skills of the 14th Century. Our group, researches, and develops the process that would be used to create functional and beautiful items of interest from 1325 – 1370.

During this time, Flanders was a key stopover point for those people who were leaving for and returning from the Crusades. A market place is the scene for our presentations. From blacksmithing to carpentry, from basket weaving to veil making, our members faithfully reproduce items that can be used to demonstrate how people lived in during this time.

Our members research subjects as diverse as making lotions, beading, medieval contraception, leatherwork, trollenwheeling, bell making and plague doctors.

If you are needing cord for your trews, a sheath for your favourite knife, a new knife, a moisturiser for your dry hands, or a new lead for your faithful lurcher, our people can teach you to make your own or you may be able to buy what you need already made. Please stop by and see if we can help you with your latest project.



Posted on

March 30, 2020