Order of the Golden Wheel

The Order of the Golden Wheel is a small Brisbane based re-enactment group. Our interest lies in people and personalities from the past, that sometimes reflect us as we are today. We seek to research, understand and recreate aspects of Medieval life in the 13th century. Our regional interest is the Middle Sea – the Mediterranean – and her cities. It is in this context that we seek to portray those individuals you may see in those cities, with the supporting research and information to explain this cross-section of people that many people today would not realise co-existed.

Of course, the power of commerce and trade brought people together, whether be it as
musician, trader, mercenary, artist, merchant or sailor. And if commerce and trade are our common bond, then diversity is our strength. Whether it be an envoy from Italy representing one of the great trading cities, a musician from Ireland on the road seeking new audiences, a Frankish noble seeking his fortune, the displaced Seljuk warrior forging a new path, the dark and gruff trader from the cold north or a strong man from a proud people.

We look back into that world and seek to find those things that connect us over time – the daily grind, the highs of life, the hardships., having fun.

email: hmanzi@outlook.com


Posted on

March 30, 2020